I Guess I Like Bugs?

It’s been a really chill day and I’m very happy about it! In my mind I was thinking I would probably go to the studio but I talked myself out of it so I could enjoy the rest of my weekend at home. I’m so used to spending my Sundays at the studio but sometimes you just need to have a whole weekend to yourself. Speaking of work, however, it turns out that last week I worked 22 hours which is honestly a lot more than I expected it would be. That’s not too far from a 35 hour full-time job!

Anyway, I’ve just been playing The Sims 4 all day but I did step out into the garden to check up on the plants. I noticed some insects (maybe a type of caterpillar?) have made their way to the weeds with the aphids and are going to town on them. I’m going to keep an eye on them and see if they help control the aphid population because if they do then that saves me from having to buy ladybug larvae!

I guess we have a lot of “pests” in our garden but am I the only one who finds bugs fascinating? I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching bugs! It’s been nice to see butterflies, moths, bees, and beetles enjoying the garden. I would like to see even more butterflies eventually!