Penultimate Packing Day

It seems like the closer we scoot toward our flight the more it seems like we ABP: Always Be Packing. We’ve got all of our clothes packed and we’ve opted to go for two suitcases just incase we do pick up merch or souvenirs, and really all that’s left to put away are the electronics.

Incase you were curious how our early mornings have been going, we did manage to wake up and go downstairs at six o’clock this morning. We started on a new Netflix series called Pieces of Her starring Toni Collette and it was actually really great so far. I’m already looking forward to watching more! How funny is it that we’ve been starting our days watching thrillers, huh? I actually really like it. Oftentimes after dinner we’ll hang out on the sofa and watch Twitch streams or more tv shows, but now it’s like we’ve moved that to the morning instead.

One of the benefits of waking up so early was that I managed to catch Jungkook’s (from BTS) live stream! He chatted and sang for an hour and although I couldn’t understand ninety-nine percent of what he said, it was lovely to listen to him. I can still hardly believe that I’ll see him IN PERSON on FRIDAY!!! Absolutely maddening.

Oh, that reminds me! I found out last night that digital cameras aren’t allowed at the concert, so unfortunately I won’t be able to take my Olympus with me on Friday. I’ll still take pictures with my phone but I did want to mention it beforehand incase there is a noticeable lapse in quality, haha. On the bright side, I guess that’s one less thing I have to worry about bringing with me to the concert!

This evening after we did more packing we sat down and each took a COVID rapid test. We have our official tests tomorrow afternoon, but we thought it might be a good idea to do one ahead of time so we’re not so anxious about possibly being COVID positive. Luckily, we tested negative! Fingers crossed we don’t develop COVID between now and when we go for our tests! Interestingly, we only need to test negative for our flight to America, not on the way back to the UK. Not sure if that’s the most sound regulation out there, but oh well.