Although we woke up really late today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve completed several of the small mushrooms!! Last night I spent some time hot gluing the downpipes to the underside of the mushroom tops, then I painted spots on them, and finally I added a thin layer of mod podge over the top to seal it all in. I’m so pleased with the finished result! The mod podge really made them pop, too. The only thing left to do with the small mushrooms is shove them in the ground outside.

As for the medium and large mushrooms, those are still in progress. One of the large ones needs to a layer of polyfilla before it can be sanded and painted along with the other large one and the medium one. We ordered more polyfilla and some long garden stakes so we’ll be able to pick those up on Tuesday or Wednesday when they’re ready for collection. The idea is that we’ll hot glue the downpipe to the underside of the medium and large mushroom tops, then the downpipe will go over the garden stake after it’s been placed in the ground outside. I think we’ll also want to bulk out the stems on the larger mushrooms using expanding foam but I want to test fit everything first to make sure we’re headed down the right path. I’ve really got my fingers crossed that this plan will work but we’ll just have to wait and see.

So other than crafting, I finally made some time to water a few of the plants in the living room. I’ve left them for a couple of weeks and have been meaning to give them some attention for a little while now. Luckily a few of them are still quite saturated, but both of the ficus’ plants have been looking a little thirsty. It’ll take me a few days of soaking the plants to get through them all, but so far I think this method of watering my plants has been pretty good. I probably won’t continue soaking them like this during the winter because it’ll be too cold and humid anyway.

Right! That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!