Creative Pits and Peaks

I’m not sure what to write for today’s post, which makes me wonder if I’m beginning to run out of steam with my photo journal. I think it’s very easy to fall into a creative rut, but I also think there is a natural rise and fall to creativity, meaning that every pit eventually leads to a peak. With that being said, however, I’m still feeling a little stuck.

The month is just over the half way point but it feels like it’s dragging on. This is likely due to the fact that I don’t have much else to look forward to in February so March can’t come soon enough for me. I hope next month will be busier for me in a bigger sense than struggling to finish washing all of the laundry before more appears in the hamper.

For the last month I’ve been contemplating registering for an online diploma course and I think March will be the month that I take the plunge and commit to something worth my while. Honestly, I’m a little bit intimidated. I’m worried that I may be taking on more than I can handle, and that I’ll be wasting my time and money on something I might not be any good at. But I really think the pros outweigh the cons on this one, and I need to trust my gut and ignore my second thoughts. Even if I fail massively, I think it’ll still be a great learning experience as well as a way for me to build my confidence and strengthen my skills. By the way, I’m purposely being a bit vague about what the course actually is just incase I change my mind at the last minute or decide to put it off in the eleventh hour.

Anyway, today has been all right. I watched three movies, all of which were really great, and I made mushroom and pine nut stuffed red peppers for dinner! So even though I’ve been feeling limited creatively, I did have a pretty good day. Let’s hope tomorrow is even better.

day 47 creative pits and peaks