Getting Old

Okay, so, like… My whole body hurts. Literally my entire body is aching from trampolining yesterday. Does this mean what I think it means? Am I getting… OLD?!

Yes, without a doubt. I mean, I already knew this but I’m still shocked at how much pain I am in just from jumping on trampolines!

Speaking of getting old, it’s always a bit annoying when I tell people about my grey hairs and they act like they don’t believe me. They must be doing it to make me feel better about myself, so I have to cut them a break even though it drives me mad when I’m not being taken seriously. It’s kind of like how I spend a lot of time assuring people that I know quite a bit about my body and how it works but someone always comes along and thinks I’m lying.

Oh, and I’m getting sick. Again. This’ll be the third time so far this year, folks! I knew after we left the trampoline park that I would get sick this week but I didn’t expect to wake up this morning and feel the pain already hit my tonsils. Yikes. I’ve been off of antibiotics for just about a week now and I’ve got to make an appointment to go back to the doctor on Friday and catch him up on my illness situation so at least this new illness will work in my favor? How crappy is it that I’m actually kind of smug about getting sick again? Yeah, pretty crappy. I hate being sick, but at least it’s more proof that I really do need to have a tonsillectomy.

This past week has totally drained me. I cried a lot this evening and to be honest I don’t think I got all of my crying over and done with but it helped a bit. I’m feeling really annoyed about getting sick again so soon because I’ve just now begun the next module in my interior design course and I’m worried that I’ll have the same issue as last time when my body was totally focused on repairing itself, which made it that much more difficult to do anything but that. So now I’m getting sick and I’m stressing myself out despite trying very hard to relax and take it easy. Ugh. Not really sure what to say here to reassure myself or make myself feel any better.

day 108 getting old