Fresh Herbs

The party last night was pretty fun and I had a lot of engaging conversations with new people, which is usually pretty difficult for me to achieve haha. We walked home around half past one in the morning and it was so cold we could see our breath hanging in the air. I used to get a lot of anxiety whenever I had to attend a social event with new people so the fact that I came away from last night’s festivities feeling all right is a definite victory in my book.

Today’s been a bit of a chill day, which means we slept in until almost noon and I spent a good chunk of time playing sims 4. I also remembered to take some cuttings from the herb garden (i.e. the two pots of herbs sitting on the patio) which is really good of me since I’m trying to get better about gardening. The basil plant is looking really nice and bushy after moving it to the back patio. I read online that it’s good to trim basil regularly to prevent a “leggy” plant and encourage fuller growth. I have to admit it’s so handy to have all of these fresh herbs, even if I don’t quite know how to use them all just yet! So far I’ve just been freezing the cuttings that I don’t want to use straight away so now the freezer is beginning to fill up with lots of bagged herbs. I think I’ll probably end up using the basil for a nice pesto after a while since it grows the fastest of all.

Tonight we watched 2003 film Peter Pan because I was feeling a little silly and grumpy, and also way too fussy. My husband hadn’t seen it before but I think he really liked it. I used to be totally obsessed with it to the point where I would write short stories/fan fiction about Wendy and Peter because the film inspired me so much. Watching it back now thirteen years later (holy hell, that’s a long time ago) I still think it’s a brilliant adaptation of a classic story, and also the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this Sunday. Tomorrow I’ve got to finish off my second assignment and add a few things to both of the assignments so I can submit them later this week. See you then!

day 136 fresh herbs