Tired Feet

My feet are so tired! We’ve been up and at ’em since seven this morning and I’ve walked a total of 4.67 miles, so yeah, I think my feet are allowed to be sore. Shopping was pretty good but also super stressful from the amount of people that were at Westfield. I managed to get some comfy trousers, three shirts, and a selection of bath bombs from Lush. It was really weird trying on clothes at the beginning because I am so used to getting everything in a size 16 so when that stuff was too big on me I was kind of shocked. Speaking of trying on clothes, we went to this one shop called Stradivarius which actually had a lot of really cute clothes that cost a little more than Primark but with better quality. It was really warm in the shop and it was AWFUL trying on clothes in the dressing room because each room has one blazing hot light beaming from the ceiling. Upper lip sweat was bound to happen, and I did not appreciate it one bit. That being said, it was a super cute shop and my husband even bought me a pink mug that says ‘girlboss’.

We’re back at the hotel now watching movies on the TV. For dinner we got a couple of pizzas from Franco Manca and we got some profiteroles for dessert, although we’re currently too full to have any just yet. I can’t wait to have a bath tonight! The heat in London means my hair is a total mess and just feels awful. I underestimated how long I could go without washing my hair over the weekend, despite having washed my hair yesterday morning. I made sure to pick up some argan oil so my hair doesn’t get too wrecked when I wash it tonight.

Check out is tomorrow at 12 but I’m not sure how long we’re planning on sticking around in London after that. One thing I didn’t manage to find while we were out was a pair of sunglasses, so perhaps I’ll find some tomorrow. I would also like to buy a pair of all black Nike’s but I’m hesitant to drop so much dough on something like that right now! Anyway, I’m very full and very tired. See you tomorrow!

day 142 tired feet