Let Go and Move Past

Every so often people I used to be friends with will make a guest appearance in my dreams. I wish I could say that these dreams leave me feeling peaceful and happy upon waking, however it is usually quite the opposite. The dream I had last night was quite stressful as I tried to understand this twisted version of an old friend while we got caught up. It’s interesting how much the subconscious mind can keep hidden until you’re fast asleep. I wonder what these stressful dream scenarios say about my psyche? Probably that I need to let go of some grudges and move past a lot of things. Granted, I have done a lot of that in the last year, but I would bet that there’s still a lot more I could do to help me move forward. Making amends is one thing I should consider doing, but it’s scary to be the first person to reach out after having a falling out with a friend even if it’s been a while.

In other news, I trimmed my hair this evening and it went surprisingly well for doing it all by myself. It’s a lot harder to trim shorter hair than it is to cut medium length hair but I think I did a passable job. Even though it’s nice to save money and cut my hair at home, I would like to treat myself to an actual haircut at a salon in a few months just to make sure everything is relatively evened out and looking good. Who knows, maybe by then I’ll consider changing my hair color or getting bangs again?! I’m totally just kidding but you never know!

I’ve started the fifth module of my interior design course and it’s all about space planning, which is probably my second favorite part of interior design, next to color theory. I’ve got to spend some time working on the assignments tomorrow while I tackle the mountain of laundry that has formed in our bedroom. Send your productivity vibes in my direction, folks! See you tomorrow!

day 144 let go and move past