Pub Dinner

Full disclosure, I had two pints of ale with my dinner so this entry may not be the most eloquent! Anyway, today has been a good one. I got my wall and flooring samples in the mail which means I can now actually begin my assignments.

I spent some time in Sims 4 building houses and managing some neighborhoods. Willow Creek doesn’t get used as much as it should so I saved a bunch of lots to my gallery and bulldozed them to make way for a new neighborhood. I’m thinking it’ll be a bunch of young adult-type Sims looking to hangout and start some new clubs, which should be pretty fun. Another thing I did is I started a new speed build in Windenburg and it turned out really well! I’m hoping I’ll be able to upload it next week once I do the narration. It’s a super cute two story modern “zen” build. I might do a speed run of the interior, too, and maybe even a speed build of the Sim(s) that will eventually move in to it!

In other news, we went out to this really cute and well hidden pub called the Stephan Langton for an early Father’s Day dinner, which explains why I’m a bit tipsy for this journal entry. I had two pints of the Tillingbourne “The Source”, which is a golden ale, as well as a sweet potato and halloumi cake accompanied by chunky chips! The chips were so delicious — crisp and golden on the outside; nice and soft on the inside. I actually didn’t even have room to finish eating my chips (a tragedy, I know) because the beer and the sweet potato cake had already filled me to the brim.

It was good to sit down with the in-laws for a meal at a cute little pub, but now I am exhausted and must drink more water before I can go to bed. We’re going to see about a kitten tomorrow afternoon so I’m very interested to see how that pans out! Wish me luck, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 169 pub dinner