No Kittens Today, Just Sims

We didn’t get to visit the kittens today, which is a total bummer. The woman who has them had to reschedule and now I’m beginning to wonder if this is just her way of saying she found someone else or that she’s decided to keep the kittens? Either way, we have about two weeks left to get a kitten or else we’ll have to wait until mid-August. I’m going to stay optimistic but I am also not going to get my hopes up about it. If it happens, it happens!

In other news, I spent even more time play Sims 4 today. Yesterday I finished a speed build and today I did a few speed interior designs for the house. I finished it all off by creating a new Sim — Lilly Olsson — and even coming up with a little backstory for her. I’m excited to put out all of the videos! I think this particular build was a lot of fun but also pretty challenging. For the last few hours I’ve been playing with Lilly and seeing how she gets on in her new home. She seems to really have a handle on everything, which is super great!

Tomorrow I’ve got to prioritize some household chores that I’ve been putting off for way too long. On Monday I’m going to get one of my assignments out of the way and then I’ll see if I feel like recording the narration for one of the Sims videos I recorded. Speaking of my assignments, did I mention I got my samples in the mail on Friday? I haven’t looked at flooring samples before so it was pretty neat to see what vinyl flooring looks like in the flesh. I was surprised to see that, compared to the real wood floor samples, the vinyl samples had a lot more texture and grooves. I don’t think I would ever personally choose vinyl or linoleum flooring, but it’s nice to know that there are some good options for people who want it!

day 170 no kittens today just sims