Inconsiderate Neighbors

A few moments ago our upstairs neighbors were running around their flat, scream-singing N*SYNC. Truthfully, I don’t understand how these people thought it would be a good idea to do that on a Sunday night, but that’s just further proof of how immature our neighbors can be. My husband tried knocking on their door and eventually had to ring their buzzer to get their attention. The situation is diffused now, but sadly, I know it won’t be the last time they make a ton of noise at an inappropriate hour.

I’m going to drink some jasmine tea while I push all of that negativity out of my mind. Today has been pretty chill since we did some more laundry and watched Orange is the New Black while I waited for a few new videos to export. I’ve still got to record the voiceover for all three of them but I’m really excited to share them!

I heard back from the woman with the kittens and it turns out she wasn’t trying to ghost me and now we’re working on a time to come by during the week. If it all goes well, we should have a kitten sometime next week! It’s pretty exciting, because who doesn’t love kittens? Probably people who are allergic or just evil, but you get the point. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about the whole situation but at least there’s still a chance it’ll happen.

Tomorrow morning I’ve got to do a bit of work (i.e. as much work as I can cram in before lunch) so that if we go visit the kittens in the afternoon I won’t feel too guilty. This week doesn’t look busy for me at all, which is great because that means I can get to work on all of my assignments.

day 171 inconsiderate neighbors