We’re Getting a Kitten!

I have great news! We’re getting a kitten!!! I got to see the kitten today and she’s a massive cutie. Next Monday we get to bring her home and I’m thinking we’ll name her Diana, as in Princess Diana (mostly because this kitten is pretty adorable) but it’s still up in the air. Now we’ve just got to get the flat kitten-proofed, which basically means tidy up everything, hah.

It’s been a good day, I have to admit. It’s difficult to have a bad day when you play with kittens, you know? My husband and I went to the gym this evening and now I’m exhausted. We tried out some new equipment that looks like adult monkey bars with straps dangling from them and it was no walk in the park, that’s for sure! We’ll definitely have to work up to it a bit more since most of the workouts center around stability but it was good to finally get some instruction for how it works.

I did work on my assignments this morning and I’m mostly done with one of them. I think I’m either over-simplifying the assignment or I’m over-complicating it, but I would like to be able to submit them all over the weekend to buy myself some time to rest. I’ll also need to message my tutor and ask for an extension once I know the date of my tonsillectomy but I still haven’t received a date for it so that’ll have to happen later, I suppose.

After the gym we stopped in at the pet store in town and picked up the same cat bed we got for Beatrice a few months ago, although this one is a tan color and was reduced to only £10! We also picked up some food bowls so we’ll be all set when we pick up the kitten on Monday.

day 172 we're getting a kitten!