Lacking Focus

Oh man, I guess yesterday’s workout was a lot more intense than I thought because my whole body is so sore. Like, literally, my entire stomach is in pain from all of the core exercises I did. At least I got to sleep in until almost 11am this morning to make up for it!

Speaking of sleeping in, I keep having a recurring dream where I’m enrolled in a number of classes and it gets to the end of the term and I’ve forgotten to go to one of the classes and am on the verge of failing. Sometimes I’m in High School and other times I’m in university, but it’s always the same scenario. Maybe it means I’ve got so much going on right now that I’m neglecting something important? I wish I knew the specifics but I guess that’s just how my subconscious mind likes to mess with me!

I spent pretty much the whole day recording voice overs for my next The Sims 4 speed build that’s going up tomorrow. I’m really excited to show off the build and also the Sim I created for the house, so I’ll be sure to post the videos as soon as they’re up. Tomorrow I’ll be focusing on more of my assignments since I’ve only got about a week left until I have to turn them in and I’ve only nearly finished one so far. I’m a little stressed but I think I would say that the stress is more-so about my procrastination. I’ve got a lot I want to take care of around the house and therefore I’m just having a difficult time focusing on the stuff that I actually need to do (i.e. my assignments). I think that if I’m a little stricter with myself tomorrow I’ll be able to make some serious progress, it’s really just a matter of feeling motivated.

day 173 lacking focus