Drawing is Tricky

So I’m working on one of the last three assignments for my module and it’s definitely proving difficult. First of all, I needed to print out an A3 drawing but instead I had to split it up on two sheets of A4. Secondly, I’m pretty sure the drawing isn’t even printed out to scale, which is super annoying because I need to make measurements for the curtains I have to sketch. And lastly, drawing curtains is pretty tricky. I’m not the best when it comes to drawing so I’m finding this assignment to be quite challenging. I’m trying to decide between styling the curtains with or without tie-backs but there is just so much to consider!

In other news, I woke up super late today. It was almost noon by the time I finally got out of bed and I totally blame it on the dreams I was having. It’s so difficult to wake up from a dream when you wanna see how it ends! I think I made up for waking up so late by doing a bit of laundry and working on my assignments. Hopefully this weekend will give me a chance to sleep in and not feel so incredibly guilty about it.

Today I heard about the new Netflix series Stranger Things and let me just say that anything similar to The Goonies or Stephen King’s IT will always appeal to me. We watched the first episode today and OH MY GOD IS IT GOOD!!! Seriously if you like spooky 80s tropes, music, and wardrobe then you should absolutely check out Stranger Things. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the first season because it is just so dang good! I reckon we’ll binge-watch it this weekend but I feel like it would be such a good series to watch around Halloween.

Tomorrow I think we’re planning to do a bit of a Pokéhunt around town and I hope we go a little further than our usual haunts so we can catch some different types of Pokémon. I actually managed to catch a Jynx today on our way back from the gym so I’m feeling pretty great about that! Hopefully tomorrow will be a really fun day for us but for now I’m going to get back to watching Stranger Things on Netflix. See ya!

day 197 drawing is tricky