Cupcakes and Rest

It’s been ages since I’ve baked anything and apparently I thought it would be a good week to bake a ton of cupcakes! Honestly I’m not mad about it because they’re delicious and it’s not like they were ever going to last very long. It’s nice to bake something when you’re expecting company, and cupcakes are so easy to make.

So today I didn’t get up to very much. I wanted to take the day for myself and make sure my social batteries are fully charged for the weekend ahead. I’m super introverted so it’s important that I give myself enough time to prepare for social gatherings, which is why I decided to skip this week’s twitch stream. I tried to pack for tomorrow but I couldn’t decide on the outfits I wanted to wear. Tonight I’ll have to make some more concrete decisions so that I’m ready to go for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’ve got a long day of driving ahead of us! I hope there are some good tunes on the radio because I don’t have a super extensive itunes library. I think we might end up eventually listening to podcasts, which is fine with me! Hopefully the traffic on the M25 isn’t as terrible as everyone says it will be, but if it is I don’t think we’ll spend too much time on it anyway. It’s weird how England is so small in comparison to the United States and yet it takes way longer to drive to certain destinations! For instance, Manchester is a four hour drive from us but with the traffic on the M25 it could take like two extra hours to get there. Honestly I’m not looking forward to the long drive but I am excited to see our friends for the bank holiday weekend! It’ll be good to visit a new city!

day 238 cupcakes and rest