Pressure Washing the Patio

The last time we pressure washed our patio was in 2019 when we bought our house. When we visited Alex’s parents last weekend we asked to borrow their pressure washer and I’m so glad they said yes. When I woke up this morning I had my mind set on cleaning the patio while the weather was still good. Pressure washing videos are always so satisfying to watch, so I was really eager to see how different our patio looked after a long overdue cleaning!

I did manage to take some before and after pictures and it’s crazy to see how much dirt and grime we washed off the surface just with water. I’m really happy with the results and I’m convinced we need to buy a pressure washer so our patio looks this great all the time. There are still plenty of black spots we couldn’t blast off, but they’re not as noticeable now that everything is dry. Seeing the patio so clean makes me want to have a party so we can show it off!!

Working on the patio also made me realise we need to chip off the flaking paint on the back of the house and go over it with some fresh masonry paint. I’ve also been loosely contemplating painting some of the fence panels and doing a little mural but I don’t have many big ideas for that yet. I definitely don’t want to launch into a big project on the back garden before we’ve finished the front garden, so let’s take it one project at a time.