Steamy Studio

It’s been such a jam-packed Monday for me! This morning Alex and I exchanged anniversary gifts. He got me the debut LE SSERAFIM mini-album and I got him a cross-stitch commemorating our trip to Vegas to see BTS! Just an all-around great start to the week if you ask me.

I went to the studio afterward and spent the rest of the afternoon slaving away over a hot stove to make candles. The humidity in my studio got up to ninety-seven percent and the temperature rose to 21C so it was pretty steamy. I made five different scents and I think it went well. I used the new wax that I bought so I’m hoping I don’t see the same issues with cooling like I did with the other wax. I’ve got to go back in tomorrow to label everything and then spend some time filming videos for my social media manager. Hopefully I can take Wednesday off to just chill at home and get some work done in the front garden but we’ll see how much I’m able to get done tomorrow!

In other news, we finished season one of the Showtime show Yellowjackets and I am SO READY for season two!! After we watched the finale last night we spent a good amount of time looking up theories and discussing what we thought happened and was going to happen. Man, I love a good show. I wish the show had come out a few years earlier so that we could binge multiple seasons at once! I really hope we don’t have to wait ages for season two to air.