Is It Halloween Yet?

The sky is grey, leaves are beginning to line the streets, and I have an urge to cover the house in Halloween decorations. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, and for good reason! Who doesn’t love cosy clothes and the excitement of Halloween? Even though it’s over a month away I’m getting really excited to decorate the patio with tombstones and cobwebs. Last year we didn’t do much to decorate so this year I would really love to have a theme in place and take it up a notch.

When we were at the shops today we stopped by the party store and I picked up a few Halloween-themed signs and cookie cutters and it made me really pumped to decorate! Obviously I’ll have to wait a bit to deck the house out in cobwebs but I’m super excited. I have yet to completely decide what I want to be for Halloween but I’m thinking my husband and I will go as Frankenstein’s monster and the bride of Frankenstein. Last year we were vampires styled after Dracula and Morticia Addams so this year we’re going to stick with the classic theme.

Speaking of hitting up the shops, I finally managed to buy a couple of candles! The Factory Shop is such a great place for deals (it’s where we got our drinking glasses) and they had a bunch of Yankee Candles at such a great price! I’m not usually that keen on Yankee Candles because they’re super expensive and don’t seem to burn that evenly but honestly I couldn’t pass up this deal. We had a look in some of the other shops in town and most of the candles are way overpriced. I’m talking like £19 for a medium-sized candle! It’s outrageous, but I get why they’re marked up. Gotta make that cash somehow!

Anyway, today’s been pretty chill. My back and my arms are so sore from my workout yesterday. I think I might have pulled a muscle or strained a tendon in my back so I’ll make sure to take it easy when we go tomorrow. For now I’m going to wrap it up and call it a night! See you tomorrow!

day 247 is it halloween yet?