Not-So-Lazy Sunday

Turns out Sunday isn’t so much the day of rest as it is the day of intense leg workouts at the gym. That sounded a lot better in my head but you get the gist! My husband and I slept in until just before noon, which was a nice change of pace. This week I’m going to get out of bed earlier in the morning so I can tackle the rest of my assignments so at least I got to have one last lie-in.

So in an attempt to begin working on strengthening the muscles around my knees we had a full leg day at the gym. We cycled and then got into some stretches and warm-up leg extensions before moving on to leg presses, lunges, squats, and wall sits. By the time we made it to the monkey bars I was already feeling the burn! For a Sunday gym session I would say that it was so good. I’m excited to incorporate a new set of workouts into my weekly routine! Mondays will still be abs, Wednesday will be arms, and Friday will be leg day. I hope that since these workouts will be once a week I’ll be encouraged to really go for it because I’ll have to wait a while until I get a crack at it again.

After the gym we pretty much came home and had some lunch and then I played some more Alien: Isolation until I finally reached a save point in the game. I’m looking forward to doing some actual work on my assignments this week so I used the rest of my Sunday to do some building in The Sims 4. I feel like it’s been a couple of weeks since I last built something and it was nice to tinker around with a new tiny build. But tomorrow I’ll be buckling down and working on my assignments. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn them in early! Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. See you tomorrow!

 day 248 not-so-lazy sunday