Energy, Assignments, and Tonsillectomy Update

Happy Monday! Although, this grey weather doesn’t really help, does it? Despite retiring to bed after midnight, I somehow managed to wake up at 7am with a bit of energy. In all honesty, however, that energy has completely dissipated as I’m writing this journal entry, but so be it. My main aim was to get to work on the remaining three assignments for my module and I did eventually get to that… After continuing a build in The Sims 4 for an hour and a half.

By the time the alarm on my phone went off I was able to approach the assignment with gusto and I actually made a bit of progress. It’s been a few weeks since I finished the notes for the module so at first I was a little confused but eventually I made sense of what I was meant to do. Tomorrow I’ll finish off the assignment and hopefully move on to the next one shortly after that but at least I’m feeling capable of accomplishing things!

My theory about “going hard” at the gym now that I’ve incorporated a leg day into the mix proved incredibly true today. I actually worked up quite the sweat on the elliptical and then I tried out a new ab routine that totally kicked my ass. It felt nice to switch things up a little bit and put some more effort into my workout so I’m really looking forward to my arm workout on Wednesday!

In tonsillectomy news, I got a call from Rachel at the DHC after she spoke with my ENT. Basically, she said, I have two options: go see my GP every time I get tonsillitis so they can prescribe me antibiotics and then make a record so that I can apply for funding from the NHS again, or go to the private hospital that my ENT works at and have the surgery done out of pocket. It seemed really obvious to me that if I want to get my tonsils out I will have to pay out of pocket, so that’s the route I’m taking. If the local NHS clinic wasn’t so terrible with scheduling appointments then maybe I would consider going through the NHS but that still doesn’t guarantee that I’ll have the surgery. I would rather spend a few months saving up £2,480 to cover the cost of the tonsillectomy and then be done with it than waste my time going through the NHS again. It’s going to take us a few months to get the money together but if we tighten our belts up over the holidays we should be able to pay for the surgery by February of 2017. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, other than that I’ve just been taking it easy. I’m a bit hormonal so ice cream was a natural choice (and on offer, too!) but that’s about it for me today. I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 249 energy, assignments, and tonsillectomy update