Finally Starting to Feel Better!

It’s been seven days since I first came down with a cold and I’m only now just beginning to feel better! Granted, I still have a cough (which may or may not be a bout of bronchitis?) and my nose is a bit congested, but at least I don’t feel exhausted the way I was yesterday.

The thing that’s really sucked about being sick for almost a whole week has been missing out gym sessions. I didn’t go today since my airways are still feeling a little blocked up, but if all goes well I’ll be able to hit the ground running on Wednesday. Speaking of the gym, I’ve decided I need a little boost once I go back. My plan is to go to the gym six days in a row, alternating between my usual workout days. Even before I got sick I felt like I was in a rut so hopefully doing a mini challenge at the gym will be just what I need to get me back into it! The only thing I need to make sure is that I don’t over do it, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

I made a little bit of a breakthrough with my novel for NaNoWriMo today! I figured out the main plot points and I still have to piece them together but at least I know what I’m shooting for. Tomorrow I’d like to go to a coffee shop and get a lot of writing done if I can, but my husband seems to have caught whatever illness was plaguing me so if he’s not feeling great then I’ll just stay home to look after him.

I’m glad I feel better now, especially since I’ve been so wiped out over the last week. I’m looking forward to returning to normal very soon!

day 311 finally starting to feel better!