Very Hungover

Last night we drank a bunch of wine while watching Babes in Toyland, so today I’ve really just been recovering from a massive hangover. I guess two bottles of white wine and a bottle of prosecco is enough to get me and my husband completely and utterly wasted enough to want to watch High School Musical at two in the morning, haha! At least we had fun!

Anyway, I still have a headache even though I’ve been staying hydrated and taking ibuprofen so I think the only thing left to do is get a good night’s sleep. We watched a few movies today and that seemed to help me feel less hungover but honestly I still feel rubbish. I eventually decided to put on some makeup to try and trick my brain into thinking I wasn’t hungover anymore, and that kind of worked except for the fact that I still have a headache. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I believe we’re going to the gym since we didn’t get a chance to go today. It’s been ages since we went to the gym on a Sunday so it should be interesting to say the least. I’m just glad we didn’t go today because I probably would have felt even worse afterwards!

Okay, that’s just about all I’ve got for today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink some more water and get ready for bed. See you tomorrow!

day 345 very hungover