New Recipes and Nice Chats

Happy Friday!! I’m in a pretty good mood today, and I reckon it’s largely down to getting a good night of sleep (finally) and allowing myself to wake up when my body actually wanted to.

Another thing that’s put me in a good mood is hearing from one of my brothers. My older brother gave me a call this afternoon while he drove to work and we had a lengthy chat. It was a relief to hear that we’re on the same page about some things we need to help our dad with, so it felt like a little bit of weight got lifted from my shoulders. Plus it was nice to talk with him and see what he’s up to lately. I’m really grateful that he calls me pretty regularly because I hate being the one to initiate conversations! Maybe I should work on that.

After I got off the phone with my brother I took it upon myself to look up some new recipes for dinner, and I also decided to make a whole orange cake. Every other week we get a box of fruit and veg delivered, and we always have such a hard time getting through all of the fruit that we’ve started making desserts with them. I just hate letting stuff go to waste, so it was a good opportunity to use up a bunch of fresh fruit. The cake turned out okay, just a little bitter. I think I’ll serve it with something creamy to make it a little more palatable.

How was your day?

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