The Crafting Continues

Another chilly Sunday in 2022 and I’ve managed to spend the majority of it up in the office working on arts and crafts. Honestly, it’s not a bad use of my time! I’ve finished off all of the crafts I wanted to do for Vegas, so now I can turn my attention toward packing. Right now we’ve got one full suitcase but it’s looking like we’re going to bring a second smaller one just incase we do end up buying any souvenirs during our trip. Our carry-ons are slowly coming together now that we’ve packed our concert outfits away. We’re hoping we don’t lose any of our luggage but incase we do at least we’ll have our clothes for the concert with us!

Tomorrow I’m making my decision for the social media manager position but I haven’t gotten around to getting my stuff together for that. I’m not too worried because I think it’ll go pretty smoothly, but I do want to take some time to prepare. Tonight we’re going to watch a new shark movie called The Requin and then we’re going to try and watch some of the Grammy’s since BTS is performing and they’re nominated for best duo/group performance. I’m hopeful that they’ll win but who knows!

Anyway, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow!