You know, I had plans to go to the studio today but that was before Alex and I got a little bit drunk on soju last night! We stayed up until three in the morning again watching Below Deck: Mediterranean and didn’t wake up until it was well past noon. Woops!

On the bright side, my new hair dye finally came so I got down and dirty in the “salon” (aka my bathroom). I’ve been wanting to lighten some of the hair framing my face so I mixed up the box of bleach I’ve had in the bathroom cabinet for months and bleached a few sections. Bleaching isn’t that hard now that I’ve done it a few times successfully! I always make sure to take small sections of hair for each strip of foil, and basically that limits the likelihood of getting an uneven bleach job because the bleach is able to reach the underside. After I do a set of foils I set a timer for fifteen minutes, then I come back and check each of the foils to see if there’s any patchiness and then add more bleach. I usually wait another fifteen minutes and then check the foils again before washing the bleach out of the hair.

I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure if I was doing the sections right it looked pretty good when I blow dried everything. After bleaching, Alex helped me put the teal dye all over my hair and then we wrapped my head with cling film. I’m still waiting to wash the dye out so hopefully it turns out okay and I don’t have any patchy sections!