Photography at the Studio

I made it to the studio today and managed to take some pictures! I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out but I do think I want to invest in a couple of soft box lights because the lights I’m using right now are a little harsh for product photography. I didn’t even manage to get everything done today so I’m going to head back tomorrow to finish up. I took a bunch of pictures today but I don’t want to spoil my new candle ahead of its launch next month!

My hair turned out okay! Some parts are a little more green-y than others, but I reckon a couple of shampoos will help even things out, and if not then I can always try dying my hair a different colour. It’s strange having such bright hair again, I don’t think I was expecting so much of the dye to stick to my hair that even my natural colour would get a slight blue tint. I’m really curious to see how this colour fades, too. Last time I dyed my hair I was also using a blue shampoo to help top up the colour but I don’t think I’m going to bother with that this time around.

It’s been a nice day even though it’s felt quite short. Alex and I finished watching season four of Below Deck: Mediterranean after dinner tonight so at least we won’t be up until three in the morning again. Anyway, see you tomorrow!