Great and Tough

Staying up until three in the morning watching episodes of Below Deck: Mediterranean probably wasn’t my best idea before such a full day, but that’s life, isn’t it? I managed to get some sleep in the end although I definitely felt sleepy all day.

This afternoon I had my first team meeting with my new social media manager and it went really well!! She’s awesome and I can already tell that we’re going to work well together. Just having someone to bounce ideas off of and help form a plan with is really useful, too. This weekend I’m heading into the studio to package some orders and take some product photos so I’ve got lots to think about.

Dance class tonight was great and tough! We learned a routine for Doja Cat’s song Boss Bitch so obviously the choreography was sassy and fun. I need to practice some burpees or something to help me get better at choreography that has fast floor to standing transitions because BOY do I find it difficult to pull them off! Regardless of how exhausting the routine was, I had a great time as per usual.

Tonight I’m looking forward to chilling out, watching more Below Deck: Mediterranean and having a drink or two. Oh, and Alex got some sweet photos of Margot and Dolores enjoying the sunshine in the catio this morning. See you tomorrow!