Habit Tracking

I downloaded a habit tracking app today because I’m hoping it’ll make it easier for me to keep track of all my daily things. A few days ago I reached a 365 day streak on Duolingo and I really don’t want to lose it!! Plus I have things like my daily water intake and photo journal that I want to stay on top of each day so I’m hoping it’ll be helpful to have an app for that.

Actually another reason I wanted to get an app to track my habits is because I never remember when I last watered the plants and sometimes I end up waiting a little longer between waterings because I forget. I started watering the plants today but I’m not quite done with it just yet. I’ve been enjoying soaking the plants in buckets of water with fertiliser drops mixed in rather than individually watering each one. It just makes it a little easier to ensure that each plant’s soil is fully saturated with water. The cats always try to take a drink from the plant water, though! I’m not sure whether or not it’s safe for them to drink but luckily they’re never successful when the plants are packed in the buckets.

In other news, Alex made burrito bowls for dinner and they were really delicious! A while ago we switched our sour cream to greek yogurt and today it just tasted so good. Also we have some mango salsa and it slaps so hard, too. For dessert we had some gooseberry muffins but I don’t think the gooseberries were the best idea because they ended up being quite sour. Fortunately the rest of the muffin was delicious enough to make up for it.