Mushroom Stalk Progress

Today we made some more progress on the mushrooms today. During Alex’s lunch break we drove over to collect the order of polyfilla from the store and then when we got home he cut the grass so I could lay out the downpipes and cover them with foam. I started out with one strip of foam on each pipe and when they were dry enough I rotated them and sprayed another line next to that, and so on. By the time the sun set I was able to cover all three of the long downpipes and bring them inside to finish curing. Tomorrow I’ll get around to carving the foam down just enough so it’s smooth but so far I don’t think I’ll need to add a layer of polyfilla over the top. We’ll see!

After dinner Alex and I spent a little time up in the office filling the last large mushroom top with polyfilla. I actually found it really satisfying – kind of like icing a big cake. By the time we’d finished it was looking surprisingly smooth so fingers crossed we won’t have to do much sanding! If it’s dry by tomorrow afternoon I’ll be able to sand it but I don’t think it’ll dry that quickly so it’ll have to wait until the next sunny day. Still, tomorrow I’ll be able to sand the other mushroom tops and give them a coat of red paint so at least there’s that! We’re getting so close to finishing this project and I’m excited!!