Hibernation & Bathroom Design

Well, it’s official. I’ve closed orders for my candle shop and I’ve sent out my last orders. The website is updated, and I also included a bit more of Bit by Bit by Sienna’s history so I got a chance to reflect on how much I was able to accomplish. I spent some time this afternoon writing a little statement to put on the Instagram account and it was very bittersweet. And even though it’s sad to finish this chapter as it is currently, I’m looking forward to the next few (whatever they may be).

Speaking of finishing chapters, I finished reading Stephen King’s Fairy Tale last night so now I’ve got to find a new bedtime read. Actually, that’s not really accurate because I have another Stephen King novel I need to jump back into and finish up. It feels good to finish a book, though!

I think it was yesterday that I said I should make a mood board for my bathroom design so that was something I did today. Looking at the design I’ve made as a whole has been pretty helpful and it’s made it easier for me to see what I’m lacking. The only walls that will be tiled all the way to the ceiling will be the ones along the bath/shower, and the rest will be tiled half of the way up so there will be more white in the finished room. I’m still undecided on whether or not we should get a bath screen. I’m tempted to forgo one for now to save money, and if we decide we want one we can install it at a later date. To be honest, we’ve been using a regular shower curtain for the last three years and it’s been fine! Plus we already have a black shower curtain rod.

One thing the plumber was saying on Tuesday was that it will be a lot easier to see what we’re able to do with the space once it’s cleared out. I’m wondering if we’ll get a smidge more space back in the room once we take off the tiles and find out there’s some silly, unnecessary stuff going on around the pipes. Hopefully the room will change just enough to accommodate my design!

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I kind of want to dig through the hair dye I have and slap some colour on my hair tonight but I don’t know, we’ll see. Later!