Saying Goodbye to the Studio

Today we went back to the studio for the last time. We had a couple of little spots of paint to touch up on the walls, and the sink needed to be shined up, but apart from that we were pretty much done. We gave the studio a final hoover and a mop before loading up the car with the last little bits (chairs, trash can, hoover, fire extinguishers). After we locked up, we walked over to see the sheep one more time and I’m glad they came up to the gate to say hello so we could give them a little pat. I’m going to miss seeing the cute sheep! I hope they have happy lives.

We dropped off some rubbish in the bins and Alex gave the keys and a little note to the landlords, and they thanked us for being such wonderful tenants. That made me feel good because we always paid rent promptly and we never kicked up a fuss.

On the drive back home Alex and I shared our bittersweet feelings about the ending of this chapter in our lives. It’s difficult because it’s not like I “failed” at my business or that I didn’t try. Things just ended up changing and it’s time to move on. Going from working in the shed at the bottom of Alex’s parents’ garden to renting a studio was a risk and we learned a lot from it. I feel proud of how much I’ve learned and grown through this whole process, and I’m sure I’ll be able to take all of that with me into whatever I do next.

So goodbye Jackdaws 1! You were a nice little studio that served me well for two whole years.