Winter is Practically Here

It’s practically winter here in the UK and colder weather means bundling up. Despite having found a coat/jacket in Brighton a few weeks ago, I still feel like I’m missing the perfect coat that goes with everything in my wardrobe. I’ve been having a lot of difficulty finding styles that I like that are within my price range, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll revert back to the coats I have that are two sizes too big for me. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking, but it’s really getting dire here, folks!

In other news, on our way to the gym today we swung by a few shops on the high street so that I could get some “scar reduction serum” to help fade all of the cat scratches on my hands. I’m so insecure about them so I figured it’s about time I try to fade them. Hopefully the serum works and my hands return to normal! We also went to the pet shop and bought stockings for our cats because we’re that couple. Beatrice’s stocking is full of cat treats, and the one we got for Dolores is packed to the brim with cat toys. I know they’re just cats and they don’t care about holidays, but I’m really excited to give them their stockings on Christmas morning! In the meantime, we bought a cardboard cat scratcher for Dolores and she’s been obsessed with it since we gave it to her.

I’m looking forward to December, mostly because money’s always tight at the end of the month, but also because it’ll be nice to hang out with the family more. So far there have been talks of brewery tours, and even ice skating! Perfect winter activities! I’ve got to make sure to give myself enough time to recharge between family activities, though, otherwise I run the risk of turning in to a grumpy mess haha.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! See you tomorrow!

day 330 winter is practically here