Goals for 2017: Reflecting & Looking Ahead

Since we’re nearing the end of the year, I think it’s only appropriate to share some of my goals for 2017. Before I get into my new set of goals, let’s review my 2016 goals:

Drink more water — yep! I’ve been drinking around eight glasses a day for the last year and honestly it’s been one of the easiest things I could have done for my health. Seriously, my skin and my mood have improved so much just by staying hydrated. I’ll definitely keep this goal around for the new year.

Eat vegetarian — yep! I didn’t find vegetarianism challenging, and I’ve actually enjoyed it so much that I’m going to continue being vegetarian in the new year. What can I say, I love vegetables too much!!

Work on exercise and flexibility — yep! Today I had my final workout of the year and compared my cardio to where I was at the beginning of 2016. In January it took me sixteen minutes and forty-nine seconds to walk one mile on the treadmill. Today it only took me fourteen minutes. If that’s not an improvement, I don’t know what is! I’ve really enjoyed working on my strength and flexibility over the last year, which means this goal is going to stick around in 2017, too.

Become a morning person — sorta? Okay so in all honesty, I haven’t been waking up as early as I should, but I think that’s largely been down to cold, dark, and gloomy weather. For the better part of the year I was waking up before 9AM every day, so at least I didn’t totally fail! Definitely need to keep working on this one.

2016 photo journal — yep! Uhm, yeah, I totally smashed this goal! I didn’t miss a single day, although there were definitely times when I didn’t feel like writing anything at all *ahem* this week *ahem* but I’m so glad I kept up with it.

Gain self confidence — yep! I’ve written about confidence quite a bit over the last year, and while I do still think that confidence is something that can grow and diminish on a daily basis, I do feel comfortable saying that I gained a lot of self confidence this past year. Going to the gym regularly, taking up an interior design course, writing and photographing every day, and just generally forcing myself to find the good in every-day life has really helped strengthen my confidence in a number of ways. As I sit here writing this journal entry, I’m not so sure I’m feeling my most confident, but the important thing is that I have done so much to be proud of this past year and I deserve to feel proud of my accomplishments. It’s always going to be something I’ll want to improve about myself, but it’s great to know that I’ve already come so far.


Now for my new set of goals for 2017!

  1. Be able to drive
  2. Get a paying job
  3. Go to bed by 11pm
  4. De-stress

I think those four goals should be plenty for me to tackle in the new year. De-stressing might actually be the hardest one, especially since I seem to carry so much stress without even realizing it, but hopefully I’ll be able to find some new ways to cope with it (maybe I’ll even get a massage).

Anyway, this has been quite a lengthy journal entry so I’ll leave it here! Tomorrow will probably be just as long as this one, so sit tight and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 366!

day 365 goals for 2017