Plumber Chats

We had the plumber who recently helped us fit a radiator come take a look at our bathroom. Alex and I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but I think we learned a lot from chatting with the guy! For starters, my dream of having a longer bath isn’t really possible without knocking down and moving a brick wall. The same goes for having a concealed shower valve system because diverter valves are quite chunky so it would require chasing out a decent amount of the brick wall, so it looks like we’re going to have to make good with the idea of having an exposed shower riser. Bit of a bummer, but I can deal with that once I find the right brassware (at the right price). On the bright side, he saw no issue with tiling the floors so that’s a huge weight off my back!

The plumber said it will take as little as twelve business days to do the bathroom but realistically it’ll be more like three weeks (I would probably add on a couple more weeks just incase). He’s going to get back to us with a quote for his work as well as getting an electrician and a plasterer in, too. Of course it’s not like we’d be starting the bathroom renovation straight away. The plumber said he’s booked until February so I’m glad we contacted him now because that gives me a bunch of time to finalise the design. I’m expecting that the quote will be at least £5000 but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it cost more. I’m really crossing my fingers that it’s on the lower end of my expectations but who knows. We have some money put aside for house renovations and at least we’ll be able to put aside a bit more between now and February to cover the costs.

So that about sums it up! I’ve spent most of the day looking into new brassware and finding the perfect washstand for my design. I should make a mood board and share it on here so there’s a nice visual to go with what I’m writing about because sometimes even I forget what I’m trying to do with the bathroom!